Jason Farago’s blog Art in Common addressed public art in New York and its relationship to the city. The blog provided information about new commissions and critiqued contemporary public art on both art historical and civic grounds. It also engaged in a kind of “archaeology of the present,” revisiting lost or dismantled works of public art (of whichTilted Arc is only the most obvious example) and reassessing forgotten projects. Frequent short entries were interwoven with longer essays investigating the stakes of public art, the civic responsibility of the artist, and the specific conditions of viewing in the New York street. Art in Common also employed geo-tagging to create a map of public art across New York.

Jason Farago studied art history at Yale University and worked at Knoedler & Company and WPS1 before moving to London in 2006. After receiving his MA from the Courtauld Institute of Art, he edited a news website and began to write for several art magazines, including frieze and Artpress. In 2010, he returned to New York, where he is a regular contributor to the Guardian and writes on arts and culture for a variety of magazines, including Artforumn+1, and the London Review of Books. Farago recently served as editor of the Bugle, a twenty-five-contributor newspaper accompanying an exhibition by Peter Nadin at Gavin Brown’s enterprise.