The Blog category supports the continuation of existing blogs and the creation of new blogs about contemporary visual art. We understand a blog to be an open-ended, ongoing website where most posts are written by a single writer (or, if it is a collaborative blog, by the same few writers). The program distinguishes between blogs and online magazines (websites operated by individuals or groups who function in an editorial capacity). The latter are not eligible for program support; however, writers may apply for texts to be published by online magazines in the Article or Short-Form Writing categories. Blog grants are $30,000 each.

Eligibility Requirements

Blog grant applicants must either

  • have been blogging about contemporary visual art on a regular basis for at least a year; OR
  • have published at least eight pieces of writing related to contemporary visual art of at least 250 words each.

 Please refer to the guidelines for general eligibility requirements.

Writing Sample Submissions

Blog applicants may submit up to three writing samples totaling no more than 5,000 words. 

If you are applying for funds to support an existing blog, please include the URL in the first writing sample description field. Excerpts from existing blogs may be submitted as writing samples in PDF format. 

Blog FAQs

How often must I post on the blog? 

We expect all blogs to feature new posts regularly. Depending on the nature of the blog, this should be several posts each month. If you are starting a new blog, it should be live within six months of receiving the grant funds, with regular postings for 12 months thereafter.