1. How can the grant money be used?

Grant money can only be used to cover expenses incurred after you have been awarded the grant. In addition to project expenses, we suggest you pay yourself a “writer’s fee” for the period you will be working on your project. This money can be used toward living expenses, however you define them. Please see the budget section below.

2. How long is the grant period?

The grant period is one year, beginning in January. Short-Form Writing and Blog applicants are expected to publish regularly during this year. For Article and Book applicants, completion dates will vary depending on the specific project, but it is worth noting that because the goal of the program is to support new writing during the grant period, books slated for completion early in the grant period do not allow for sufficient assistance from the program.

3. Do I need a confirmed publisher to apply?

A confirmed publisher is not a prerequisite for applying. You may list potential or confirmed publishers in the application.

4. Can I apply with a collaborator?

Projects involving collaboration between two writers or between a writer and a practitioner in another field are eligible for consideration, except in the Short-Form Writing category. Only one application per collaboration will be accepted: collaborators must select one member to be the primary contact. Collaborators must meet the requirements for age and student status. However, only the primary applicant must meet the citizenship requirement.

5. What should I include in the “Budget” section of the application? 

The expenses section of your budget should include a “writer’s fee” for the period during which you will be working on your project. This money can be used toward living expenses, however you define them. If you will be taking time off from another form of income-producing employment (teaching, commercial writing, editing, etc.), we suggest you base your writer’s fee on the salary or freelance rate you will be forgoing in order to devote your time to your project. Expenses related to the realization of your project can include:

  • Writer’s fee
  • Research (including an assistant)
  • Image permissions and fees; reproduction and copying costs
  • Travel (airfare, car rental, ground transportation, lodging, meals, per diem)
  • Living expenses
  • Childcare expenses

The grant is intended to cover costs associated with research and writing, not design and production. We do make an exception, however, for costs associated with obtaining images and reproduction rights, since adequate illustrations are essential to the success of a written argument on works of visual art.

Grantees must pay taxes on the money they receive from us. The IRS considers income from grants to be taxable.