Arts Writers Grant Program

2019 Arts Writers Grantees

The Arts Writers Grant Program is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2019 grants. The program supports writing about contemporary art and aims to ensure that critical writing remains a valued mode of engaging the visual arts. This year, Arts Writers has awarded a total of $680,000 to 19 writers. Ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 in four categories—articles, blogs, books and short-form writing—these grants support projects addressing both general and specialized art audiences, from scholarly studies to critical reviews, and self-published blogs.

Patricia Failing “Remembering Henri Ghent (1926-2009)”
Nicole L. Woods “Acid Visions: Bob Thompson, Abstract Figurative Painting, and the American Neo-Avant-Garde”

Paul Schmelzer and Nicole J. Caruth The Ostracon: Dispatches from Beyond Contemporary Art’s Center

Nora M. Alter Harun Farocki: Forms of Intelligence
Leticia Alvarado Cut/Hoard/Suture: Aesthetics in Relation
Jace Clayton Behold the Monkey
Ari Larissa Heinrich Decolonial Melanin: Jes Fan’s Contagious Xenophoria (A Glossary)
Robb Hernández Alien Skins: Speculative Arts of the Americas
Jean Ma At the Edges of Sleep
Prudence Peiffer The Slip

Short-Form Writing
Hakim Bishara
Paul Michael Brown

Sean J. Patrick Carney
Aruna D’Souza
Tess Edmonson
Alan Gilbert
Jillian Steinhauer
Elvia Wilk
Mimi Wong

Art Writing Workshop

The Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program is pleased to continue its partnership with AICA (the International Association of Art Critics, USA section) to give practicing writers the opportunity to strengthen their work through one-on-one consultations with leading art critics. For a list of the ten Art Writing Workshop recipients of 2019, see here.

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Unfixed: Photography and Colonial Imagination in West Africa, by Jennifer Bajorek, is now out on Duke University Press.

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A Fragile Inheritance: Radical Stakes in Contemporary Indian Art, by Saloni Mathur, is available now via Duke University Press.

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Georgia is a collaborative blog project by Suzy Halajian, Shoghig Halajian, Anthony Carfello devoted to the critical potential of artistic practice.

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Walls of Prophesy and Protest: William Walker and the Roots of a Revolutionary Public Movement, by Jeff Huebner, is now out on Northwestern University Press.

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