No Picnic: The Rematerialization of Digital Art will be an analysis of the so-called “post-internet” generation, a loose coalition of young artists in Berlin, Oslo, New York, and Los Angeles who toggle between making digital works and physical objects—paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations—inspired by social media and other technologies. PICNIC is an acronym used in the tech-support sector to denote human error—it means “problem in chair not in computer.”

Andrea K. Scott has been a staff writer and editor at the New Yorker since 2007. Before that, she was the art section editor of Time Out New York. She has a longstanding interest in art and technology, and was the executive producer of the online art platform, which commissioned medium-specific works from artists including Jenny Holzer, Lawrence Weiner, Doug Aitken, and Matthew Ritchie, at the end of the twentieth century.