A WordPress blog created by writer and curator Gene McHugh between December 2009 and September 2010, Post Internet was an exercise in art criticism as well as a performative work of art. The blog contended with many of the key issues of the early postinternet moment, in which artists contended with the internet’s increasingly profound effects on society at large and contemporary art in particular. Post Internet embraced the network as form as well as subject matter. Through McHugh’s serial updates, punctuated by quotations and comments from readers, the blog engaged deeply with the internet’s increasingly significant effects on artistic creation and production, and on art criticism itself. Find archived information about the project here

Gene McHugh has written about the relationship between art and technology for Rhizome and Artforum, and was a panelist at “Internet Browser as Exhibition Space‚” a roundtable conducted as part of the exhibition In Real Life. He is currently writing about the Franklin Street Art Center, a largely undocumented downtown Manhattan art space where seminal work in new media art took place in the 1970s. McHugh studied film at New York University and received a graduate degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, where he also curated a solo show with the post-internet artist Marisa Olson.