Hakim Bishara will write articles about the intersections of art and politics—both in the United States and throughout regions not typically covered by the American art media, including West Asia and Africa. Specifically, he will write about artwashing, labor rights, museum funding, and underrepresentation in the art world in relation to gentrification, state violence, and racism.

Hakim Bishara is a Palestinian writer, curator, and artist. Bishara has worked as a scriptwriter and journalist, covering politics and culture for publications including Globes, Calcalist, Al-Jazeera, Euronews, Hyperallergic, BOMB, +972 Magazine, and TOHU Magazine. He is a staff writer at Hyperallergic and the co-director of Soloway Gallery, an artist-run space in South Williamsburg, New York. He studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has an MFA in art writing from the School of Visual Arts.