The Loyal Opposition will tell the story of the New Art Examiner, which was notorious for its adversarial approach and renowned for its encompassing critical language, as well as for its mentoring of new writers and its support for regional art, insisting that important work and ideas were not limited to New York.

Janet Koplos’s books, notably Contemporary Japanese Sculpture (Abbeville Press, 1991) and Makers: A History of American Studio Craft (University of North Carolina Press, 2010), address little-examined contemporary art movements and place them in context. In Minneapolis, she reviewed art for the evening newspaper and edited the Minnesota Craft Council’s magazine. In Chicago, she wrote for the New Art Examinerand edited a special issue. In Atlanta, she wrote for the local art magazine and edited a trade periodical. In Tokyo, she edited the arts and books page for an English-language newspaper and wrote about Japanese art locally and for American and European magazines. In New York City, she was a staff editor at Art in America in addition to lecturing, curating, and teaching.