Jennifer Kabat is an art critic who also writes about rural life. She has recently written about feminism in the work of Marlene McCarty, Colleen Asper, and Kate Newby; activism in the early 1990s (ACT UP, Gran Fury, 1993); and the art world’s influence in rural places. She is planning to research and write on the American landscape tradition and drone technology; regionalism; art exploring globalism, class, and urban/rural dichotomies; the role of language in feminist art; and disaster and art’s place in recovery.

Jennifer Kabat lives in rural upstate New York. Her journalism and criticism have appeared in the Financial Times, the Guardian, Wired, Wallpaper, New York Magazine, the Rumpus, and Salon. She writes frequently for frieze and Metropolis, where she is a contributing editor. She is a founding editor of the Weeklings, where she writes about contemporary art and rural life. She recently joined the board of the Prattsville Art Center in the Catskills and chaired a talk at Frieze London on ACT UP, queer protest, and art.