Jillian Steinhauer will write a series of articles exploring the recent wave of interest in women artists aged 70 and over, including Lorraine O’Grady, Judy Chicago, and Cecilia Vicuña. The attention is long overdue, and the full complexity of the phenomenon—its driving factors, the effects it has on the artists, and the stories of their pasts—has yet to be explored. 

Jillian Steinhauer is a journalist and editor living in Brooklyn. She writes about feminism, representation, protests, and the politics of institutions. Steinhauer writes for the New York Times, the Nation, the New Republic, and the Art Newspaper. Her work has been published in CNN.com, the Guardian (US), Pacific Standard, the Paris Review Daily, and the Village Voice, among others. She is the winner of the 2014 Best Art Reporting award from the US chapter of the International Association of Art Critics for her work at Hyperallergic, where she was an editor for five years. She is a graduate of the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program at NYU’s journalism school.