Johanna Fateman’s writing focuses on feminist visual art and its overlap with pop culture and experimental literature. She will write about a new generation of feminist artists—both men and women—who have come of age in the Internet era. She has recently written about artist Ann Hirsch, who wrote a play and created an iPad app based on her childhood experience with a pedophile in an AOL chatroom, and about Marie Calloway’s new book, in which the author sometimes eschews text to construct narratives of her sexual (mis)adventures from social media screen captures. Fateman is specifically interested in the “postporn” feminist generation’s skepticism regarding both second-wave feminist analyses and third-wave appropriations of porn vernacular.

Johanna Fateman is a writer, musician and co-owner of Seagull Salon in New York City. She is a member of post-riot grrrl band Le Tigre, and has written and produced songs with artists such as Christina Aguilera and Pussy Riot. Fateman’s earliest cultural criticism took the form of punk zines, notably Artaud-Mania… the Diary of a Fan (1997), which is reproduced in The Riot Grrrl Collection (Feminist Press, 2013). Her writing has appeared in the Whitney Biennial catalog (2004), RhizomeLTTRApology, and frequently in Artforum and BookForum.