Contemporary Art of El Salvador, 1977-2017 will be the first book to research and analyze the last forty years of art production from El Salvador and its US-based diaspora. The book will trace the intersection of art and politics beginning with the same year Archbishop Oscar Romero became a voice against injustices. It will argue that amidst historical legacies of violence, Salvadoran artists counter the narratives of death, poverty, and victimhood that dominate popular opinion about the smallest country in the Isthmus.

Kency Cornejo is Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Latin American art in the department of Art and Art History at the University of New Mexico. Her research centers on experimental art of Central America, its diaspora, and decolonial methodologies in art. She explores the intersection between race, gender, and coloniality and theorizes decolonial methodologies as manifested in performance art, conceptual art, installation, and new media in the Americas.