Lillien Waller will write a series of profiles engaging the work of artists of color, primarily from Detroit, who are pursuing interdisciplinary and hybrid practices. Drawing on criticism, history, and poetry, the profiles will document each artist’s work and methods; personal, cultural, and social contexts; and what happens in the encounter between writer and artist.

Lillien Waller is a writer, poet, and artist. She is the editor of American Ghost: Poets on Life after Industry (Stockport Flats, 2011) and the recipient of fellowships from Cave Canem Foundation and Kresge Arts in Detroit. She has created platforms exploring the creative impulse, including the video series Watch Me Work (2016–21), showcasing practitioners at the College for Creative Studies. In collaboration with Kresge Arts, she wrote Practice (2022–23), an essay series meditating on the work of artists across disciplines. Her work was included in the public art series In the Air II (2021) at Wayne State University Galleries.