R.C. Baker has written art criticism for the Village Voice for 22 years. He’s the author of dozens of features and hundreds of full- and half-page reviews for the paper, including cover stories ranging from an interview with the graphic novelist Jaime Hernandez to a survey of site-specific artworks lost or purposely destroyed in New York City, including Richard Serra’s “Tilted Arc” and Philip Guston’s WPA-era mural in the Queensbridge housing project.

Baker founded the Voice’s weekly “Best In Show” column, with the mandate to cover not only art exhibitions but also graphic design, collected volumes of art criticism, and anything else that placed contemporary art in an informative and lively context for a general readership. He has also written for the Op-Ed page of the New York Times, and, most recently, traveled to Guatemala to write a catalog essay on Guatemalan conceptual artist Dario Escobar, to be published later this year.