Sahar Khraibani will write a series of articles on the artistic modes of production employed by queer artists from the Arab world and its diaspora. Existing literature on art within these communities often centers identity politics and political discourse, leading to the erasure of other aspects of these artists’ practices. Khraibani’s writing will probe into contemporary works of art created not in reaction to colonialist image production but as social practice that gestures toward joy and freedom. The series aims to decolonize knowledge through the interplay of artistic output, geopolitics, the performance of identity, and the policing of bodies.

Sahar Khraibani is a critic, artist, poet, and adjunct associate professor at Pratt Institute. In addition to being published by Magnum Foundation, the Poetry Foundation, and the Poetry Project, Khraibani’s writing has also appeared in Al Hayya Magazine, Bidayat Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, Brownbook, FOMU’s Trigger, and Hyperallergic. They are a 2023-2024 Emerge—Surface—Be Fellow of The Poetry Project and a 2024 MacDowell Fellow.