Sharon Mizota will examine the work of emerging and mid-career artists who use aesthetic strategies to question conventional social categories and hierarchies and to suggest new social and political formations. Conveying theoretical concepts regarding art’s political potential in everyday language, Mizota’s criticism and feature articles, which have appeared in The Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Weekly, aim to encourage a general readership to make connections between works of art and larger social forces. She is particularly interested in the work of artists of color, West Coast artists, and artists from Asia and Latin America such as Ruben Ochoa, Haegue Yang, and Paul Chan. Sharon Mizota, a freelance arts writer since 2005, has written for the Los Angeles TimesArtforum.comARTnews, and KCET’s Artbound. She recently completed a suite of forty-eight articles, “PST, A to Z,” for the Los Angeles Times covering all sixty-nine museum exhibitions featured in Pacific Standard Time, a regional initiative examining postwar Southern California art history. Recent articles include two features for Artbound: “Ken Price’s Fantastic, Idiosyncratic Blobs” and “The Quixotic Videos of Steve Roden.” Other recent work includes reviews of exhibitions by Rashid Johnson, Mary Weatherford, Oscar Cueto, and Candice Lin.