Silvia Benedetti will write a series of articles about textiles made in the Venezuelan Andes from pre-Hispanic times to today, considering the evolution of techniques, patterns, and materials as well as collaborative aspects of weaving. Her research will include the role of local arts and crafts schools in preserving traditions in the context of environmental problems, globalization, and economic crises.           

Silvia Benedetti is a Venezuelan art historian, curator, and writer. Her research focuses on opportunities to critically reassess and contextualize peripheral creators’ work in a global ambit as well as intersections of artistic and social practices. Her areas of interest include historical conceptual art and the materiality of traditional crafts. She has written for museum catalogs and publications including Artforum, BOMB, Hyperallergic, and post. She recently curated the group show Dadas las cincunstancias at the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center on the tension between memory and matter.