In/Site: Reflections on the Art of Place is devoted to art, culture, and urbanism and uses Chicago as a vantage point for reflections on the work of contemporary artists, public art, and urban projects that reinvent the spatial environment of the city. Over the next year, In/Site will continue to feature urban renewal and public works projects, many centered in the Midwest, in which artists are integral to the processes of city planning and the shaping of cultural policy, projects that center on sustainability, and the repurposing of abandoned urban spaces into green spaces. Snodgrass’s ongoing research on environmentalism, feminism, and public space will result in several posts that highlight public art practices by women artists working within cities and who have defined the field of environmental art, including work by Jenny Kendler, a Chicago-based environmental artist and activist; Frances Whitehead, a civic artist spearheading “Fruit Futures,” an experimental community orchard project in Gary, Indiana; and the New York-based Mary Miss, whose forthcoming project “Watermarks” will remap the waterways of Milwaukee.

Susan Snodgrass is a critic, editor, and educator. Her writing can be found in Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture, SEEN, and Art in America, where Snodgrass served as a corresponding editor, as well as on ARTmargins Online, where she is a coeditor, and where she writes about contemporary East European art. She has contributed articles to numerous other periodicals and is the editor of several books and catalogues. She has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and served as a mentor for the AICA Arts Writing Workshop. Her book on architect-designer Ken Isaacs is forthcoming in 2019 from Half Letter Press.