Tess Edmonson will produce a thematic suite of written texts—reviews, essays, and artist profiles—on the subject of art that intervenes in the ordering regimes of gender, sexual politics, and the institution of art criticism. She will examine contemporary art’s rendering of sex, female bodies, subjectivization, and desire, looking to practices (such as Anna Uddenberg’s and Lorenza Böttner’s) that characterize sex as a site neither isolated from power nor destined to reproduce it simply or unilaterally.

Tess Edmonson writes about contemporary art and culture with a particular emphasis on gender, power, and the cultural production of meaning. Her writing often asks how discourse orders fact into narrative, and how affect, style, and bodies are organized as value. Her work has appeared in Texte zur Kunst, art-agenda, Afterall, frieze, Flash Art International, Rhizome, Art Papers, Vdrome, PIN–UP, and C magazine. She has held editorial positions at art-agenda and Flash Art and is currently an editor at Canadian Art.