The rapid growth and increasing ubiquity of GPS, mapping, and mobile technologies has led to a plethora of new directions for art and creative expression. Geeta Dayal will chart the progress of this emerging field in a project that combines original writing with multimedia content, including sound clips and video feeds, and that will be accessible both online and on handheld mobile devices. Covering the growing field of locative art—including Christian Nold’s emotional cartography, Trevor Paglen’s dark geographies, Masaki Fujihata’s Field-Works, the Urban Tapestries Project’s anthropological investigations, and Stefan Schemat’s GPS-enabled aural landscapes—she will focus on locative media as it relates to the rich history of sound and urban space.

Geeta Dayal writes on the intersections between visual art, sound, and technology. She is the author of a book on Brian Eno, Another Green World (Continuum, 2009). She has written over 150 articles and reviews for major publications, including BookforumThe Village VoiceThe New York TimesThe International Herald-TribuneWiredThe WirePrint, and I.D. Her essays appear in several anthologies on music, including Loops (Faber & Faber, 2009), The Pitchfork 500 (Simon & Schuster, 2008), and Marooned (Da Capo, 2007). She has taught at UC Berkeley, Fordham University, and S.U.N.Y. She holds two undergraduate degrees from MIT and a master’s degree from Columbia University.