Kemi Adeyemi’s Writing About Black Art will be an illustrated writing manual on building critical literacy related to the experience and interpretation of black art. The book’s “how to” content will be interwoven with conversations about identity formations, institutional politics, and global economic flows. Readers will develop tools for experiencing, interpreting, and producing knowledge about black art within political-economic and socio-cultural contexts.

Kemi Adeyemi is an associate professor of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington. She is the author of Feels Right: Black Queer Women and the Politics of Partying in Chicago (Duke University Press, 2022) and co-editor of Queer Nightlife (University of Michigan Press, 2021). Her writing has appeared in the journals GLQ and Women & Performance, and in Keywords for Gender and Sexuality Studies (NYU Press, 2021) and Routledge Companion to African American Art History (2020). She is the founder and director of The Black Embodiments Studio, an arts writing incubator, public programming initiative, and publishing platform.