Rahel Aima will write a linked series of longer experimental essays that considers questions of hue, technology, and materiality in contemporary art. Aima’s research investigates the fleshy politics that undergird the digital realm’s persistent techno-optimism, particularly as they play out in the Global South. Color, in Aima’s writing, becomes a way to think through these lingering politics of race and empire while also considering the humid, sticky petro-derived materiality of our current moment.

Rahel Aima is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. Her research focuses on art, color, and emergent technologies, and her writing has appeared in or at 4Columns, AQNB, Architectural Review, Art Asia Pacific, Artforum, Art in America, Artnet, Art Review Asia, Atlantic, Bandcamp, Bidoun, Bookforum, Brownbook, Canvas, Creators Project, Document Journal, e-flux architecture, Elephant, Flash Art, Frame, Foam, Frieze, Garage, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, Ibraaz, LEAP, Mark, Momus, Mousse, New Inquiry, New Republic, Outline, Red Hook Journal, Real Life, Tank, Vogue Arabia, and World Policy Journal, among others. She grew up in Dubai and graduated with a degree in Anthropology from Columbia University. She is currently a Special Projects editor at New Inquiry and a Contributing Editor at Momus, and was formerly the founding editor of THE STATE, an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to language, futurity, and the Global South.