2019 Application Checklist


  • Slideroom contact information is current*
  • Contact information*
  • Professional Name
  • Date of Birth*
  • Citizenship*
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity


  • Author Biography* (2000 character count) 
  • Publications* (3000)
  • Education* (1000)
  • Employment (1000)
  • Miscellaneous (Please include dissertation information here if applicable.) (1000)


  • Which project type are you applying for?*
  • Project Title* (100)
  • Project Description (Short)* (250)
  • Project Description (Detailed)* (3000)
  • Table of Contents and Chapter Summary (books only) (5000)
  • Contextualize this project in relation to existing writing on the subject.* (2000)
  • Contextualize this project in relation to your own work.* (2000)
  • Which ideas in contemporary visual art do you presently engage with in your writing?* (2000)
  • If your project focuses on one or more artist(s), please describe your reasons for selecting these particular artist(s). (2000)
  • Project Timeline* (Work Completed to Date / Work Pending / Estimated Completion Date) (1000)
  • Confirmed or Potential Publisher(s) (1000)

Writing Samples

Applicants may submit up to three writing samples with word counts totaling no more than: Book: 15,000 words; Article: 10,000 words; Blog & Short-Form Writing: 5,000 words.

  • PDFs: Title*, Description* (1000), Date*,  Publisher (if applicable), Word Count*
  • If you are applying to fund an existing blog, please list the URL in the first writing sample description field.

Collaborator(s) (if applicable)

  • Contact Information: Name*, Address*, Email*, Date of Birth*, Gender, Ethnicity, Citizenship
  • Explain collaborator’s role in proposed project* (2000)
  • Collaborator Biography* (2000)

Grant Funds

  • Please confirm that you have reviewed FAQ #2 detailing how the grant money can be used.* (We do not need an itemized budget however we need confirmation that you have read and understood how grant funds may be used.) 

* Required Field 

Note: character counts include spaces.

Note to Previous Applicants 

The changes made to the 2019 application questions from previous application cycles are: 

While we do ask that you have read our budget guidelines, we no longer ask for budget information to be submitted. 

Podcasts can now be part of a blog proposal. Specific guidelines for podcast proposals are outlined on our FAQ page (Question 6).