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2023 Application Checklist

* Required Field

Please note: The Slideroom portal will display character counts (including spaces) as you populate each field in the application below. Use the word counts provided below to estimate the maximum length for each of your responses.

Note that writing samples have word count limits that vary depending on the category.


  • Contact information*
  • Professional Name
  • Date of Birth*
  • Citizenship*
  • Gender
  • Preferred pronoun
  • Ethnicity
  • Student Status


  • Author Biography* (300 words) 
  • Your Publication History/Bibliography* (500 words)
  • Education* (200 words)
  • Employment (200 words)
  • Miscellaneous (Please include dissertation information here if applicable.) (250 words)


  • Which project type are you applying for?*
  • Project Title*
  • Project Description (Short)* (50 words)
  • Project Description (Detailed)* (300 words)
  • Table of Contents with Brief Chapter Summaries (books only) (750 words)
  • Contextualize this project in relation to existing writing on the subject.* (300 words)
  • Contextualize this project in relation to your own writing.* (300 words)
  • Which ideas in contemporary visual art do you presently engage with in your writing?* (300 words)
  • If your project focuses on one or more artists, please describe your reasons for selecting this particular artist(s). (300 words)
  • Please give us a sense of where your project stands now. What writing do you hope to complete during the grant year (2024)? (200 words)
  • Confirmed or Potential Publisher(s) (100 words)

Writing Samples

Applicants may submit up to three writing samples. The total of all three writing samples combined should not exceed: Book: 15,000 words; Article: 10,000 words; Short-Form Writing: 5,000 words.

  • PDFs: Title*, Description* (100 words), Date*,  Publisher (if applicable), Word Count*

Collaborator(s) (if applicable)

  • Contact Information: Name*, Address*, Email*, Date of Birth*, Gender, Ethnicity, Citizenship
  • Explain collaborator’s role in proposed project* (300 words)
  • Collaborator Biography* (300 words)

Grant Funds

  • Please confirm that you have reviewed FAQ #7 detailing how the grant money can be used.* (We do not need an itemized budget however we need confirmation that you have read and understood how grant funds may be used.) 


You are not eligible to apply for an Arts Writers Grant if you applied for a Creative Capital Award this year. If you have received a Creative Capital Award, you cannot apply for an Arts Writers Grant with the same project.