Application—Writing Sample Instructions

Writing Sample Instructions

Applicants may submit up to three writing samples with word counts totaling no more than: Book: 15,000 words; Article: 10,000 words; Blog & Short-Form Writing: 5,000 words

All samples must be in English. 

Each writing sample must be submitted as a separate PDF. 

We do not accept links to online writing samples. 

PDF Formatting

All writing samples must be submitted as PDFs. We prefer writing samples that are created in a writing software program and saved as a PDF. If you must use a scan from a magazine, the text must be legible and clear when viewed at 100%. If your scanned PDF is not legible, evaluators are not required to read it. 

Writing Sample Information

You will need to provide the following information regarding your writing samples:

Title, Description, Date, Publisher, Word Count


Total word count for collaborative projects should not exceed the maximum word count for the project type you are applying for. 

A visual artist collaborator can submit one PDF with up to ten images. To submit other media please email

If you have co-authored texts with your collaborator in the past, please include at least one such text as a writing sample.