Application—Project Types

Project Types

You may apply for a grant in one of the following project types: Article, Blog, Book, and Short-Form Writing. Below are the project type descriptions; for more information, including eligibility requirements and writing sample instructions, please view the project-specific pages.


The Article category supports essays, magazine features, and extended exhibition reviews. Catalogue essays will be considered, except for exhibitions held at commercial galleries. Articles may be published in print or online and may range from approximately ten to fifty manuscript pages. A confirmed publisher for a proposed article is not a prerequisite for application. Article grants are $15,000 each. 


The Blog category supports the continuation of existing blogs and the creation of new blogs about contemporary visual art. We understand a blog to be an open-ended, ongoing website where most posts are written by a single writer (or, if it is a collaborative blog, by the same few writers). The program distinguishes between blogs and online magazines (websites operated by individuals or groups who function in an editorial capacity). The latter are not eligible for program support; however, writers may apply for texts to be published by online magazines in the Article or Short-Form Writing categories. Blog grants are $30,000 each. 


The Book category supports books at all stages of their development from research through the completion of writing. The category funds a broad spectrum of books on contemporary visual art, from general-audience criticism to academic scholarship. Book grants are $50,000.

Short-Form Writing

The Short-Form Writing category supports the ongoing practice of writers who regularly produce short texts that respond to current exhibitions, events, and issues in contemporary visual art. By “short” we mean texts in the range of 250-1,500 words. By “writers who regularly produce” we mean writers who, on average, publish at least one text per month (and who intend to publish at least that amount if awarded a grant). Short-Form Writing grants are $30,000 each.