Application—Short-Form Writing

Short-Form Writing

The Short-Form Writing category supports the ongoing practice of writers who regularly produce short texts that respond to current exhibitions, events, and issues in contemporary visual art. By “short” we mean texts in the range of 250-1,500 words. By “writers who regularly produce” we mean writers who, on average, publish at least one text per month (and who intend to publish at least that amount if awarded a grant). Short-Form Writing grants are $30,000 each.

Eligibility Requirements

Short-Form Writing grant applicants must

  • have published at least eight pieces of writing related to contemporary visual art of at least 250 words each.

Please refer to the guidelines for general eligibility requirements.

Writing Sample Submissions

Short-Form Writing applicants may submit up to three writing samples totaling no more than 5,000 words. (If your writing samples are less than 250 words each you may submit up to five writing samples. Please email for detailed instructions.) 

Short-Form Writing FAQs

If I am applying as a short-form writer, how should I answer the project questions? 

The project can be a continuation of your published writing, or a proposal to focus on a particular topic, or an experiment with writing that you would like to develop. Either way, you must frame your proposal as a project. If you are applying to continue your current practice, present it in terms of your interests (whether aesthetic, regional, political, theoretical, or some combination thereof).

How should I answer the questions about contextualizing the project? In the field that asks you to “contextualize this project in relation to existing writing on the subject,” write about how your short-form writing (whether reviewing, reporting, or feature-writing) relates to or is different from other arts writing. In the field that asks you to “contextualize this project in relation to your own work,” write about what you hope to do during the grant period that you were not previously able to do; or, if you are applying to continue your current writing practice, write about how it contributes to the discourse of contemporary visual art.

Is the category designed primarily to support a specific sub-group of short-form writers? The Short-Form Writing category is designed to support short-form writers writing on all areas of contemporary visual art and at all phases of their careers.