Arts Writers Grant Program

The Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant supports writers whose work addresses contemporary visual art  through project-based grants issued directly to individual authors. Below is a list of the 2015 grantees.

The 2016 application is now closed.


Carla Acevedo-Yates, The Silence of Eros: Decoding Homotextuality in the Work of Zilia Sánchez
Gian-Maria Annovi, Dirty Encounters: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Legacy and the Work of David Wojnarowicz
Melissa Ragain, Environmental Aesthetics in the Postwar University


Claire Daigle, Figuring Fiction
Gelare Khoshgozaran and Eunsong Kim, Contemptorary
Victoria Valentine, Culture Type


Rizvana Bradley, Resurfaced Flesh: Black Aesthetics Unbound
Iftikhar Dadi, Pakistani Contemporary Art: An Object History
Johanna Gosse, Ray Johnson in Situ: Mapping the Network in 1950s New York
William E. Jones, The Ruins of Villa Iolas
Damon Krukowski, The New Analog
Courtney Martin, A Critical Language: Lawrence Alloway’s Words to the Art World
Alexander Provan, Arbitrary Units: Art in the Age of Quantification

Short-Form Writing

Karen Archey
Orit Gat
James McAnally
Laura McLean-Ferris
Erik Morse
Martha Schwendener
Lynne Tillman

26 May Arts Writers "time passes in their films not unlike it does in the world" Jennifer Krasinski (@prettymetals) on Huillet & Straub
25 May Arts Writers "I needed to have a mudslide, I needed to have an out-of-control fire" Interview w/ grantee Gary Indiana @bookforum
24 May Arts Writers Friday: Rizvana Bradley talks about political identity and moving images at the Artists' Film Biennial @ICALondon
24 May Arts Writers Grantee John Yau re-reads Jasper Johns through his "interest in intuitive responses to life and art" @hyperallergic
23 May Arts Writers Thursday at 7:30pm: Grantee Irene V. Small launches her new book, "Hélio Oiticica: Folding the Frame" @eflux
19 May Arts Writers "Start out as an artist instead." Grantee @AndrewBerardini on how to become a curator @MomusArt
Art Writing Workshop

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Art Writing Workshop recipients.

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Grantee Update

Mounting Frustration: The Art Museum in the Age of Black Power, by Susan Cahan, is out now from Duke University Press.

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Grantee Update

Hélio Oiticica: Folding the Frame, by Irene V. Small, is out now from University of Chicago Press.

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Grantee Update

Stone’s Throw, by David Deitcher, is out now from Secretary Press. 

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